“Wakanda” -Don’t give your Vibranium away

In the Marvel universe, the west tried its best to get Vibranium from Wakanda. Marvel pictured the scenario in which Wakanda can save the world by sharing its resources with the west. They even sent their best military man (Captain America) to achieve this…

Courtesy: Timeslifestyle

Starting with a mixed economy after independence to the recent PSE(Public Sector Enterprises) privatization plan, India has come a long way. The question that arises is whether Capitalism can create the constitutional requirement of the welfare state that Socialism failed to do?

Capitalism — Private industries will be given free…

Recent Satyapal Singh’s remark that ‘Theory of Evolution is false and should be removed from school education again brought the age-old conflict between “creationism vs evolution” into the limelight. Almost all scientific Institutions protested against it and called it the diminishment of the country’s image at the Global level. …

Anshul Garg

I believe in unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation which can be achieved by free flow of information.

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